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Want to settle in Space in future? We have some good news. Asgardia, a proposed nation in space, is giving citizenships to Earthlings. Earthling is what they call to people living on the earth.

The name Asgardia sounds familiar, isn’t it? Well, the name is inspired by Norse mythology from which Marvel’ character Thor also gets its inspiration. The word Asgardia comes from Asgard, which is the city of gods in the sky, according to Norse mythology.

Asgardia’s national motto is “One Humanity, One Unity”.

Even if you get citizenship after completing all the procedures, you should not get very excited, as you are still not going to live up in the skies very soon. But, you get to upload files, which will be uploaded in an Asgardia-1 satellite which is going to be launched by the end of this year. The amount of data you can send which is in kilobytes depends upon when you got your citizenship.

The first 100,000 citizens get to upload up to 500KB. Citizens who are not in the first 100,000 but became citizens and accepted the constitution before the Hong Cong conference of 13 June 2017, can send up to 200KB. Every other citizen gets 100KB. If you want to send more of your data, then there is a way through donations which enables you to send data in MBs instead of in KBs.

Asgardia-1 satellite will serve as the first outpost of Asgardia in space, and will also function as its capital, although nobody will live there as it will be a nanosatellite weighing just 2.8 kilograms. After Asgardia-1, they plan to send more satellites around the moon also.

According to an article published in CNN, Asgardia plans to establish habitable platforms in low-earth orbit. International Space Station is also located in low-earth orbit, but it is backed by several nations, spending more than US$110 billion for its building and maintenance. The idea of a habitable platform being built without multiple countries collaborating seems far fetched and practically impossible currently.

Asgardia has its own flag, national anthem, government, and constitution. It even has its own calendar consisting of 13 months of 28 days and a Year Day coinciding with 31 December. Asgardia has 12 official languages according to most spoken languages by Asgardians.

Currently, countries with most representation in Asgardia in ascending order are Turkey, China, United States, Brazil, U.K., Italy, Mexico, India, Spain, and Russia.

There are many legal hurdles which can create problems. For example, a person automatically loses Indian citizenship if he accepts citizenship of another country. This, in theory, could create problems as Asgardia is not going to issue passports to its citizens any time soon which can create problems for those from countries like India which prohibit dual citizenships.

Man Behind Asgardia

Igor Ashurbeyli, the main person behind Asgardia, is very optimistic, and as of now bearing all the expenditure for the Asgardian effort by himself. He was born in Azerbaijan, graduated from Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, later moved to Moscow and founded Socium. His company employs over 10,000 people, and he is widely believed to be a billionaire. He is the head of state of Asgardia having won the election.

You can apply for its citizenship by filling up this form. If you are more realistic and want to know something which is going to happen in the near future, then check out our article SpaceX is Sending Private Citizens Around Moon Next Year. Below is the video of their Hong Kong conference which was held on 13 June 2017.

This site has been moved to Please do have a look. Same article can be found on here.