3D Printing is a relatively new technology, which has the capability of changing the world. It is one of the most disruptive technology in development today. Now, this technology has started to reach some maturity. Companies like Adidas and SpaceX are already using it.

A little bit of background on Printers

Everybody has used printers, at least a few times in their lifetime. It is a remarkable invention. It works by laying a layer of ink on a piece of paper or other materials. Before printing press( the earlier version of printers) were available, the only way of creating documents was by writing manually, which was very costly. So, only the rich could afford books. After printers became available, the cost of books came down. Suddenly, many people could afford to purchase books. This speeded up the flow of information. Soon, the world was changing at a rate never seen anytime before in the history.

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